There are lyrical poets among them, whom they call bards. These, with instruments similar to lyres, evoke those whom they praise as well as those whom they mock.
(Diodorus of Sicily, Historical Library, V, 31, 2)

Bardobessus is a Gaulish word meaning ‘customs of the bards’. This work is done in collaboration with Branos Carnutodrûidon of The Carnutian Nemeton and founder of Drunemeton.

This page will be ever evolving as I aid in developing things for the bardoi (praise poets) and molatucerdoi (praise artists).


Ueisaros – Forging the Cosmic Hunt

Ueisaros is the water which flows from source to sea, and as a cycle repeats itself infinite times within the Parios Noibos.


It is time to grow your creation. How will you grow it?


All that is and will be comes from Nêmâros.

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