Ueletorunoi Oracle Cards – Adgarman

In the Gaulish space I’m part of, many of us utilize the Ueletorunoi created by Branos, who is the founder of the organization Galatis Litauiâs of which I am a member. I found I could resonate with this system, so to learn divination and also offer something to the community I have been creating oracle cards based on each of the runoi.

Without further ado, first up is Adgarman.

I will mostly be talking about my inspirations for the visuals here rather than the meaning of the runos itself. I highly recommend reading Caromâros’ in-depth analysis of Adgarman, as it helped me understand and resonate with the runos.

Adgarman – The Basics

Letter Correspondence: a/â
Role: Gutuatir (Master of Invocation)
Meaning: news, announcement, accusation, gossip

Keywords: Intellectual achievement, Communication, Receiving a message or messages, Insight, Foresight, Clear vision, Truth, Wisdom, Success in negotiations and transactions, Words, Secrets, Ancestors, Leaders. Manipulation, Delusion, Misunderstanding, Boredom.

Adgarman – My Interpretation

Immediately whilst meditating on Adgarman, the image of a Carnux came to my mind.

“Their trumpets again are of a peculiar barbarian kind; they blow into them and produce a harsh sound which suits the tumult of war.” (Diodorus Siculus, Histories)

Used by the ancient Celts in battle, we see carnux (also spelled carnyx) on the Gundestrup cauldron. This cauldron, discovered in Denmark, seems to be of Thracian metalwork but displays Celtic imagery. My belief is that it was a Thracian work gifted to a Gaulish tribe or king, or perhaps commissioned by them.

Gundestrup cauldron panel, showing a war procession with carnux players

The carnux is an instrument of battle, and when played in unison, blaring and ear-shattering sound rising over the hills to greet enemies. It is no wonder the Gauls and Britons were seen by other nations as ferocious and frightening in battle. However it could have served ceremonial purposes too, as one carnux in Britain was discovered to be ritually buried.

The carnux was an announcement of battle or ceremony, both life-altering events. Thus it seemed appropriate for Adgarman, as it could be seen as the breaking news of a tempestuous moment. I chose to depict many in unison, to show the dual aspect of the carnux- a battle cry to symbolize the fury of war, invigorating to the Celts but horrifying for the opponents. The carnux tells us to listen carefully for what is coming our way, and the knowledge that with a balanced and clear mind, understanding can turn it from a harbinger of war to an announcement of ceremony and cultural unity.

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