Cuda ac Cuculatīs

Cuda and the Cuculatti

Welcome to a small virtual shrine for the Brittonic goddess Cuda and the Cuculatti ‘hooded ones’ who accompany her. Here I will share my knowledge and offerings.



Cuda is a mother goddess who was worshipped primarily in the Cotswolds area of Iron Age Britain. She is often depicted seated, holding an egg, apples, or a child. With this she embodies abundance, fertility, sovereignty, and parenthood. She may have been worshipped long before the Iron Age as well, as a guardian of land and life.

Cuda is accompanied by three hooded figures, the Genii Cuculatti or ‘Hooded Spirits’. In many depictions they hold their robes with offerings, or bear gifts for her. They have been interpreted by scholars as fertility and nature spirits. Perhaps they are our deepest ancestors, guiding new life through the mother goddess of this land.

Archaeologist Stephen Yates proposes that many locations within the area derive from her name, with Cotswolds meaning ‘Cuda’s Wold’ in Old English.

Stephen J. Yeats, A Tribe of Witches


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Corinium Museum


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Uodyā dū Cuda ac Cuculatīs

Uessāt Cūda
Uessāt Cuculatīs
Benă magya ac senoambaχtī
Brigos aneχset ac biuotū ersāt
Dānus ac cantlon ad suīs
Molātus Cūda
Molātus Cuculatīs

Prayer for Cuda and the Cuculatti

Invoke Cuda
Invoke the Cuculatti
Great woman and her ancient retainers
Protect the hills and bestow life
Gifts and song to you
Praise Cuda
Praise the Cuculatti


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Cuda’s Winter

In the prize-songs of falling snow she sits.

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